Rails & Cushions


  • Oversized (Professional Series) – Provides a larger area for the shooter to rest his or her palm when attempting shots in which the cue ball rests close to the rail. They also add more beauty and style to the table.
  • Metal to Metal Fastener – Creates the tightest bond when assembled so the rails play truer and quieter. Also allows the table to be disassembled and reassembled an infinite number of times without wearing out.
  • Mother of Pearl Sights – Found in Abalone and Oyster shells on the ocean floor, mother of pearl sights add beauty and value to a pool table.
    Solid Hardwood with Reversed Growth Ring (RGR) – Forms a stronger bond than composites or soft woods, while adding longevity and strength to the pool table rail. RGR also prevents warping and wood to wood rail separation.
  • Deep Dado – Mortise-and-tenon technique provides more wood to wood contact which helps lock the blind to the rail, adding greater strength to an otherwise vulnerable part of the table.
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  • Natural Gum Rubber – There are two advantages to using 100% non-recycled natural gum rubber: better performance and longevity. Black or dark color cushion rubber is used to hide impurities found within recycled material.
  • Molded – Using stainless steel injection molds ensures even, consistent play at every point of contact on every rail. Each cushion rubber cures for the exact same amount of time in a pressurized mold. All cushions are made in sets of six. Each set is for a specific table. Extruded cushions are made in large quantities, have variable densities as well as tiny air bubbles.
    Control Fabric – Control fabric is used to strengthen the rubber to wood bond when the two pieces are glued together. It is also helps hold the rail cloth in place.
  • Relief Pocket – The relief pocket is essential in providing a perfectly consistent rebound when the ball comes into contact with the cushion rubber. The rail also has an alignment indicator that fits into the relief pocket to ensure a permanent and level bond.
  • K-66 Profile – K-66 profile cushions are used on all tables offered by Family Leisure. This is the exact profile recommended by the BCA. K-66 describes the height and angle in which the ball comes into contact with the rail. The K-66 profile has been proven to be the best for many reasons such as riding the ball along the rail, keeping the balls on the table and creating an accurate rebound.